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Deliciously Efficient: Quick Bites for Theatre-Goers at Maoz Restaurant

When you find yourself in the vibrant Soho neighborhood and craving a quick and satisfying meal before or after a theatre show, look no further than Maoz Restaurant. As a small, dedicated eatery, we take pride in serving incredible Middle Eastern cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. From the finest falafel in town to mouth-watering schnitzel, halloumi, and aubergine dishes, our menu offers a variety of options to suit every palate. Join us for a delightful pre or post-theatre dining experience, where our quick and efficient service ensures you won't miss a beat.

Quick bites for theater goers in Soho at Maoz Restaurant

Pre-Theatre Delights: A Flavourful Journey at Maoz Restaurant

At Maoz Restaurant, we understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to pre-theatre dining. Our skilled team ensures that your food is served in minutes, allowing you to enjoy a leisurely meal without worrying about missing the curtain.

Pre-Theatre Delights - Maoz Soho

Scrumptious Starters

Indulge in our delectable hummus, topped with paprika and olive oil, or try our crushed aubergine with tahini, known as babaganoush.

Quick Cold Meze Starter

Discover the refreshing mix of flavors in our cold meze starter, featuring items like falafel balls drizzled with tahini sauce and a medley of crisp vegetables.

Hot Meze Starter

Treat yourself to grilled halloumi with jam or try our mouth-watering cauliflower drizzled with tahini sauce.

Post-Theatre Delights: Unwind with Delectable Offerings at Maoz Restaurant

If you are looking for a satisfying meal to round off the night, our menu featuring the finest falafel in town, alongside schnitzel, halloumi, and aubergine dishes, is sure to satisfy your cravings.

Post-Theatre Delights - Maoz Soho

Satisfying Salads

Refuel after the show with our vibrant Feta Salad, combining fresh lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, fried cauliflower, and gherkins, topped with creamy feta cheese and served with pomegranate sauce.

Falafel Main Course

Enjoy a falafel feast with our signature falafel balls served in a bowl, roll, or pitta bread. Accompanied by hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, red cabbage, fried cauliflower, couscous, and your choice of tahini, chilli, or garlic sauce.

Halloumi Delicacies

Delight in the flavours of grilled halloumi, served in a bowl, roll, or pitta bread with a tantalising combination of lettuce, tomatoes, red cabbage, fried cauliflower, couscous, and your choice of sauce.

Schnitzel Sensation

For chicken lovers, our breaded chicken fillet, served in a bowl, roll, or pitta bread with a medley of fresh vegetables and delectable sauces, will satisfy your cravings.

A Quick Sip: Refreshing Beverages to Complement Your Meal

We offer a wide selection of drinks that go perfectly with our dishes.

London's best pre- and post-theatre meal - Maoz Soho

Wine Choice

Explore our carefully curated white, red, and rosé wines, such as the 2021 Sauvignon Blanc IGP Côtes de Thau, Baron de Badassière from France, or the 2020 Vinho Regional Lisboa Tinto, Evaristo from Portugal.

Prosecco Delight

Indulge in the effervescent joy of our NV Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry, Ca' di Alte, or opt for the refreshing 2021 Prosecco Rosé, Ca' di Alte.

Beers and Soft Drinks

If you prefer a cold pint, we offer a selection of beers, including Peroni and Asahi. For non-alcoholic options, choose from a range of soft drinks, including Coke, Diet Coke, and Sprite.

Book your table at Maoz Restaurant for your pre or post-theatre cravings!

Maoz Restaurant is a hidden gem in Soho, dedicated to providing affordable and incredible Middle Eastern cuisine. Experience the perfect blend of flavours and convenience at Maoz, where our dedication to deliciously efficient dining makes us the ideal choice for theatre-goers in Soho. Book your table now and enjoy the finest falafel in town, alongside schnitzel, halloumi, and aubergine dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to try authentic Middle Eastern dishes at Maoz Restaurant.


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